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February 17, 2008 / yolynne

What a Geek(boy) Wants .. What a Geek(boy) Needs?

I know that some of you are aware that I am married to a Geek(man of course heheh).. and I do feel its high time to share with you some stuff I’ve learned after being engaged to my husband for 6 years plus 3 years of married life.. so I think a total of 9 years experience makes me credible enough to give advices to those girls who are currently going gaga over a Geek guy =)

What a Geek wants?

  • Gadgets – they obviously go gaga with all sort of gadgets.. so if you want to stir their interest.. be a gadget girl yourself, buy a PSP if you are into games too.. or show off your EEE PC or your MAC Air (if you have the budget), this will surely make him think that you have things in common.
  • Wardrobe – most geeks boys have their own way of dressing.. some are into the “rockers” fashion.. while some of them you can’t even define =) hehehe. So if you are really in love with your geek guy, don’t tell him to change his way of dressing.. coz your discussion will really lead nowhere. Note of precaution: pls. stick to your own style as well, you might end up having the “Geek Fashion” syndrome, and see yourself dressing up like your man.
  • Priorities – Don’t ever ever.. get jealous of Computers… coz if you do, you might end up heart broken. Don’t let him choose between you and the Computer….. coz you already know the answer to that.
  • Friends – Most, but not all Geek boys are shy.. so if you are the outgoing type and would love to bring your geek guy along to show him off to your friends…. I don’t think that is a good idea. First, they might question his way of dressing; number 2, they might get bored with his super duper geeky thoughts when he starts a discussion and 3, you might end up being “the explainer”, explaining every thing about your guy that they find…quite unusual for a common guy to be with you. Another thing, if it’s your time to go to a geek club or party… try to be as geeky as possible that you will be able to start a conversation with his friends or learn about the super duper deep IT words that they utter and not end up bored… you might wanna bring a magazine if worse comes to worst so that you get to read something while waiting for your guy.

What a Geek needs?

So what do you think are the traits that a Geek guy needs in a girl and assess if you have some of them or are ready enough to improve on those areas.

  • Patience – you need this, coz when times that your geek guy’s tantrum attacks.. you need to hold on to this virtue or else. you know what will happen
  • Strong Personality – don’t ever ever do all the things that your geek guy says.. coz some of them are not well thought of, you need to assess if you think it’s the right thing to do as well. Put up a strong front if you disagree on a thing or topic without being a nagger.. they hate naggers.. so don’t start a marathon sermon.
  • Sweet and kind – ohh, you need to be sweet and kind.. coz geek guys’ hearts surely melts with sweet and kind girls. Helping them in any aspect as long as you think you are not messing up his codes will surely make him drool.

What I love about Geeks?

  • Geek boys will forever be boys – yeah.. they are like small kids that goes loco when a new gadget comes out of the market. Plays playstation with their kids.. which I find very cool and endearing as well.
  • Geek boys are great dads and uncles – ohh… they love their family alright and they are great with the kids.. so if you are one busy mama.. marrying a geek is a good decision.
  • Geeks are doers – they just don’t talk.. they do stuff that are productive.. and before they talk… real geeks means and knows what they are saying.. so don’t try to contradict.. coz the discussion will seem like forever.

I’ve got a lot more in mind… but I know you know some also… so what else do you think a Geek Wants and Needs?

P.S. I know this is mushy mushy, but what the heck… I wanna greet my husband Happy Valentines… thanks for the roses… and this article is for you. I know you are stalking me online… hahhaha gotcha!

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  1. eradicus / Feb 17 2008 4:50 am

    nice 🙂 a gemini geek, has various personalities which could add more complications to the characteristics stated above. 😉

  2. Samer / Feb 18 2008 3:53 pm

    Nice Article , and very accurate
    i forwarded it to my gf -;)

  3. concerned / Feb 22 2008 10:58 pm

    It worries me that you use “Geek” and “Geek boy” interchangeably – there are plenty of women who would class themselves as geeks, me included!

    As women in the FOSS world, we need to stop the default definition of “Geek” being “a male person who is geeky” into just being “a person who is geeky” – and we can only do this if we don’t continue perpetuating the wrong definition ourselves.

  4. Glamgirl / Feb 8 2009 1:03 pm

    Helpful article! I’m a nerd girl in love with a Geek boy. I told him that I was interested in him and we occasionally talk on the phone. Wonderful conversations, we have a lot in common. After a year, we are just starting to hang put with mutual friends. How long does it take for Geek boys to make their move? P.S. It took him 6 weeks to ask if he could call me AFTER I told him I liked him. He told me it was really hard for him to ask me. . .

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