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June 22, 2010 / yolynne

Elf-Help books, my guide to Self-psychology!

I am very very thankful to this little pocket books.  They have enriched me so much and have given noteworthy advices that have been my guide in living a renewed life.

For every struggle I have, and there’s no one to turn to (probably am just shy to ask), I seek the Elf-Help books of wisdom.  They have different topics for every struggle and challenges a person usually meets in life.  As of the moment I own 9 namely;

1. Living from Your Soul,
2. Prayer Therapy,
3. Nature Therapy,
4. Dealing with Difficult People,
5. Teacher Therapy,
6. Celebrate your Womanhood Therapy,
7. Being a Good Parent Therapy,
8. Slow-down Therapy and
9. Keeping-up your Spirits Therapy

A great collection that is close to my heart

All of them have served and some are still serving me well till this day.  When I feel confused or lost.  I don’t anymore panic the way I used to.

Elf-Help Books are my reliable confidante =D

R.W. Alley is such a great illustrator, I look forward to his drawings in every page.


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