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June 15, 2010 / yolynne

Things do happen for a Reason!

Some say that there are  no such things as Accidents in this World, all happenings are all well written down in some book, don’t know whose but others believe it that way.  Although I try my very best to take to heart this mantra, I question it a lot, it baffles me in someway that I can’t explain.

If things go rough in my life, I always would say to myself, “Hey, don’t tell me this is no accident, ‘coz I surely don’t like the idea that the Lord knew that this would happen and he didn’t warn me at all?”

I still can’t comprehend it completely but when things get better, I surprisingly tell myself, that “Good thing, those not so good stuff happened, otherwise, I won’t realize this and that, it must have been a blessing in disguise” and so the acceptance begin, and am at peace once more.

I guess it takes some BAD things to happen for me to appreciate the GOOD, I need to learn how to distinguish which is which and to appreciate both more.  One won’t exist without the other.

One current happening that I’d like to note is the reconciliation of Gabby and Sharon’s friendship.  I empathize with KC since I too belong in a broken family, it takes a lot of guts for a victim of a broken family’s drama to come out in the open about her innate feelings and thoughts about her past.  Sometimes, it’s just too hard to swallow.

We all have our own dreams and goals, I’ve learned recently that the best way to enjoy life is to look at our blessings differently, it should always be in a thankful way.


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