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June 11, 2010 / yolynne

Remembering Lola Cil!

Once in awhile when I get to reflect on my life and count my blessings, I always consider my husband’s family as one of them.  I enjoy a very good relationship with my in-laws, never have I felt being an outsider nor a mere attachment because I am only married to my husband.  They have treated me like I am naturally part of the clan.  Lola Cecilia, my husband’s grandmother died a year ago today.  It felt like it was just yesterday when we bid her farewell, we missed her terribly and I have just considered her to be on vacation since then, a very very long vacation.  I remember teasing her always and am fond of hugging and tickling her.  It was my own way of remembering my very own lola as well. I feel so good to have had a good relationship with Lola Cil, because even though she’s now gone, remembering our bonding  moments makes me feel I’ve done something good because I always tried to make her smile.

We love you Lola!


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