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February 13, 2009 / yolynne



Sometimes I need to remind myself of these 3 powerful words.  I tend to always be on the PLAY mode in LIFE most of the time that I refrain myself from STOPPING or PAUSING for awhile to listen to myself.

Today, my body complained and I don’t have any choice but to STOP. Although my mind is fighting with what ever urgency my body has made when it did it’s emergency signal but I eventually succumbed to its request or else I know I’ll do it sooner anyway.

I know I have to remind myself that I am not a MACHINE and that I have to enjoy life as much as I can but be persevering as well with my aspirations with life.  When work does not make me happy or is getting monotonous, my body is usually the first one to remind me. 

I still have a lot of plans in my life that I want to achieve with God’s blessings, but it’s the process of achieving it that matters most anyway.  For as long as I am happy and hopefully making others happy then that’s fine with me. These are the stuff I know that are nurturing my soul.


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