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January 16, 2009 / yolynne

Learning How to Survive and Live Life to the Fullest!

Yeah I know, I’ve been blogging more “Emo” stuff lately; but I am doing so because I am growing as a person together with this blog.  I don’t really blog everything I know, but every time I do so, that means it is special and it is something I really want to remind myself from time to time and share with friends as well.

When challenges in life seems to be too hard to handle, what I usually do is think of the people who are less fortunate than I am and wonder how in the world are they able to SMILE.  I have since learned that the value of life and its different components is and will always be dependent on the point of view of an individual.  Each of us have different ways of thinking and different aspirations in life, our uniqueness makes this world very interesting.  Just imagine if we all think alike… oh nooo.. that’s a complete disaster.. that would just equate to a very boring world. 

Here is a video of an amazing man and be awed how he is surviving and living life to the fullest. If he has learned how to overcome his bitterness and anger in life, then it’s not impossible that you could too.

Wish you a blessed day ahead and CARPE DIEM!

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  1. shane / Jan 17 2009 2:17 am

    as they say, ‘try and try until you die’.

    i was so moved.

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