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January 1, 2009 / yolynne

Yolynne’s Holiday 2008 Wish List

My Holiday 2008 Wish List
Christmas in Zamboanga

Christmas in Zamboanga

I’ll be joining Melo Villareal’s Christmas Wishlist Contest, in away I also get to reflect on the desires of my heart and wishes this coming 2009.

I have 2 Categories, the Material and Non-Material Wishes.

I’ll start with the Material stuff that I am wishing to have this coming year.

1.  Hello Kitty stuff; I am collecting Hello Kitty stuff, and I get gaga over cheap and not so cheap Hello kitty items. Btw, any Sanrio items would do, /me likes Little Twin Star,  Kero Kero Keropi and My Melody.

2.  Gadgets; I am really not a brand conscious buyer of gadgets, the cheaper the better but I do note that it should function well and fits to my lifestyle.


nieces, nephews and neighbor kids

3. Bike; I would like to get myself a bike, so that I could use it when I visit my in-law’s place.  I am very close to my husband’s family that I frequent going there to visit my husband’s grandmother, relatives and even neighbors.

4. Books and Magazine; I would appreciate it if somebody will be giving a Max Lucado’s or a Bo Sanchez’s authored books.  Actually any self-help book would be greatly appreciated.  I also love Kerygma Magazine and The Entrepreneur Mag.

5. Paintings; I’d like to have some paintings in the house once it is really finished. Please note that I fancy Joey Velasco’s painting or any funny caricature.

6. Bible Diary; I am planning to give this as a gift to myself the same way I did a year ago.  Hopefully I can buy one for myself and make this one wish come true tomorrow.

7. Organizer; I am not an obsessive compulsive person, trying hard lang =), Since one of my goal this year is to  be as organized as possible so that I get to accomplish more stuff, and so I thought that wishing for an organizer is just appropriate.

8. New outfits; I am used to wearing casual clothes, but after I got promoted at work, I saw the need for me to wear more formal ones which I really lack in my closet.  I think my sister and cousins will be the ones who’ll get to answer this wish.

9. Plane Tickets to Batanes; I am very much amazed in looking at pictures of Batanes Island.  I wish my husband and I would get to visit the place in our leisure time.

10. Computer for my Lola; I have promised my aunt, I’ll buy a computer for them in Palawan so that I could see my grandmother even online.  The last time I visited them in Puerto Prinsesa was nearly 4 years ago, a few months after my husband and I got married.  I’ve always thought of the Internet as a God sent gift to my generation, and I have always thanked him for making me live during this era.

*11. Finish our house; my husband and I have been building our house slowly since last year.  We stop the construction whenever our funds gets depleted and needs replenishment and start again when we have some funds to get things going.

and now the Non-Materials things, that I consider far more important.

1. Attend a Kerygma Conference

2. Attend or Conduct more trainings/seminars/conferences whether they are IT related or not.

3. A Child; I had a miscarriage last May 2007 and had to recover for several months and after learning to accept the reality that life goes on.  I got to realize and be thankful to the Lord for my blessings in life and have surrendered both my present and future to his care, but my husband and I still long for a child or children maybe..malay mo twins na next time =)

4. Improve on doing Online business ; My husband and I have been doing some online stuff for a few years now, but the last quarter of 2008 had been a bit of an awakening and had seen a lot of improvement.  I pray for our online business to prosper and be of help as well to others.

5. Peace and Serenity for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; I am proud to be a Filipino and I have always included in my prayers my country and fellow Filipinos.

6. Inner Peace for all my family and Friends; I pray and wish that 2009 will be a year of awakening for them and realization of the stuff that really matters most.

7. Reunions; I’m looking forward for fun reunions with love ones and classmates in 2009.

8. Better Blog Posts; I wish and hope that I get to produce better posts this year, to share more and to get connected with others, even if it’s just online.

9. Visit Loved Ones; I hope I can go abroad and on some places in the country to visit my relatives and friends; more than getting fascinated with the places, I am more concerned in getting in touch and be connected with the people.

Thank you Lord for the blessings of 2008 and am looking forward to a more prosperous 2009.

So what are your wishes?

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  1. caca / Jan 2 2009 10:34 am

    me oh myo is that plaza pershing?! went there, kj gad si mamang, didn’t want to take pictures. hahaha!

  2. yolynne / Jan 3 2009 12:55 pm

    @caca: nice noh! it’s Medz’ uncle who took the shot, nice tamen baya dsuyu camera heheh

  3. Filipino Grocery / Jan 9 2009 12:20 am

    Yolynne, Love the picture Christmas in Zamboanga

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