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December 27, 2008 / yolynne

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Happy Holidays! 

I haven’t blogged for weeks because I’m busy doing stuff in real life, so that I’ll have loads of backup topics to blog about =)

The year of 2008 have been very good to me, to my husband and to the rest of my family and friends.  So.. I’m extremely grateful to the Lord God above for giving me all the stuff I need and all the opportunities given and experienced.. ohh that includes all the trials in life. 

The month of December will always be one of my fave months… with all the travel, relatives coming home, parties, reunions and food… food. Filipinos love to eat, but Zamboanguenos (the n should be an “enye”, but alt+164 seems to be not cooperating) or the people who are residents and natives of Zamboanga City always make food as the priority in their daily life.  Shun the clothes and the beautiful house.. but as long as the food on the table is delicious and mouth watery… then.. all’s well when we eat well hehhe.

Happy Holidays Everybody!…. I hope you get to create some memories with your love ones and friends this season.. enough to make you smile for the rest of the year 2009.

Happy Birthday Jesus, Love you po!

Zamboanga City Hall at Night

Dinner at my Auntie Zony’s house, she’s one of the best cook I know (she joins her niece Marissa to represent Alavar Seafood Restaurant in Zamboanga food festivals all over the country) …I used to remember her scolding us when we where teenagers because my cousins and I were all on a diet and begged off to eat any of her dishes, because we all know that when we start eating.. it’s hard to control ourselves and we usually end up breaking all our diets. 

Some of my College Batchmates, We graduated from Zamboanga Arturo Eustaquio Colleges’ (now known as Universidad de Zamboanga) College of Engineering and Technology last 1998.  So just to commemorate our 10 year graduation anniversary, we thought of a lunch get together last Dec. 26 at Alavar Seafood Restaurant and plan a bigger reunion hopefully by February so that others working abroad can be there as well.

Got lots of photos at my Multiply Site, in case you are bored =)

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