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November 18, 2008 / yolynne

F/OSS SME Training of Trainers in The Mango Farm, Antipolo, Rizal

I haven’t blogged for so long since I attended a week long training in Antipolo, Rizal.  It was raining most of the time during my stay in Manila but it did not become a hindrance for me to enjoy my stay and make the most out of the trip. I have always been opportunistic when it comes to traveling, since I come from the South (Zamboanga City which is in Mindanao Island).  I always get the most out of every chance I get to learn, know and befriend more people and bond with my relatives as well.

The Free/Open Source Software Small Medium Enterprise Training of Trainers was sponsored by International Open Source Network and InWent Germany.  Both Non-profit Organizations are championing the crusade and promotion of Open Source Softwares or Applications to be used as tools whether it be in Education, Health or in Businesses.

Since I am in the Academe and also am very much interested in Business, I have applied for sponsorship and was luckily selected to attend the training.

I have learned a lot from Mr. Carlo Daffara, our Italian Trainor and from my co-participants as well.  It was one of the coolest trainings I have ever attended.  I enjoyed the sharing sessions, the teasing, the laughter and the Karaoke as well.

I loved the training area, fascinating place…and the hotel as well, feels just like home.

I still have a lot to tell and share, but will do it on my future posts.

Here are some pics that I took, there are still a lot from my friends

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