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October 31, 2008 / yolynne



I am very much in tears when I have seen the photos.  I am one of those who have been offering prayers for the release of Ma’am Espie.  I am not a friend of her but have known her honorable work thru my friend Faida Latip , who works for TESDA ARMM.  I saw her during a launch of their project for the Out of School Youth in Basilan.

NAGDILAAB Foundation
is one of those few foundations that is working fearlessly for the people of ARMM, helping in their education and empowering the poor, oppressed especially the young ones with less priveleges in life.

It is so sad to have learned of this tragic story of her being kidnapped, but I always believe that God is letting things happen for a reason.  I know something good will come out of this.  I prayed for her captors to be enlightened and to learn something good while they are holding Ma’am Espie as their captive.

I know that God listens to prayers that are delivered to him with a pure heart and with no stain of anger.  He knows it when you mean it.

I am so happy that all is well.  Life will always give us bitter and sweet memories and it is to our own decision if we will see them as tools to make us a better person during ourlifetime.

Click on the link above to get a glimpse of the photos taken by my Zamboangueno photojournalist friend Charlie Saceda.

Thank you for your prayers.  Keep them coming!

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