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October 16, 2008 / yolynne

My Stake on Poverty in observance of BlogActionDay2008

This is a response to the advocacy of BlogActionDay 2008.

I have always been curious as to how Poverty has affected the way people live their lives and on what they wish to become in the future.  I saw some poor people who are enjoying life better than their rich counterparts and there are also some poor children who made poverty  their motivational tool to excel in life.  I then asked myself, what are the things that I want to experience in my lifetime and try to check if there is a need for me to be financially abundant to achieve them, so the list goes like this…


1. Have a deeper relationship with myself and with my creator
2. Experience Fulfillment
3. Feel Happiness
4. Gain more Friends
5. Understand my Family and relatives better
6. Put up an Foundation that would help my people in Mindanao (hopefully before I reach 40)
7. Be a better teacher and friend to my students and my nephews, nieces and future kids
8. Visit my mom in the States using my own money for my fare (hehehe halatang pala… palahingi)
9. Provide opportunities for my fellow Filipino people so that they won’t feel the need to leave the country and seek greener pasture elsewhere
10. Attend Kerygma Conferences in the future
11. Help the Sisters of Regina Rosarii in their advocacy in promoting Contemplative Living
12. Be a partner of  Gawad Kalinga in their build and educational program
13. Learn how to Swim
14. Be a SPED teacher and learn more about Autism and ADHD in the Philippines
15. Send street children to school
16. Own a boutique and be more fashionable
17. Be a Missionary and go to Africa
18. Promote Filipino talents
19. Bring Hope to victims of War
20. Be a catalyst of Unity in Mindanao
21. Find good researches on Farming Rice, Corn, Coconut and Rubber and help my relatives who are farmers prosper
22. Help Zamboanga become a more peaceful city
23. Do Counseling to those who are depressed and lonely
24. Help the Inmates find ways on how to cope up with life inside the Jail
25. Read more books

Oh the list goes on and on… but as you have noticed, not all of the things that I have listed above entails me to be a rich person or requires money to be achieved.  So I thought of accomplishing the goals that I have that are attainable for me at the moment.

Smokey Mountain Kids Playing

Smokey Mountain Kids Playing

Filipino Kids playing in Flood Waters

Filipino kids playing in Flood Water

So I realized that our main problem as human beings, is our inability to easily identify our simple goals and aspirations in life and try to distinguish which ones does not require any or too much monetary expense.

I love being Poor financially because it is during those times that I excel,  become creative and innovative in looking for ways to earn and survive.

I may sometimes be experiencing Poverty in finances  but I sure am Wealthy and Rich in Experiences, Friends and in Spirit. Experiencing Poverty is most of the time one of the Lord’s way in teaching us the virtues of humility and perseverance in life. It also provides an avenue for the well off individuals the opportunity to share what they have.

By the way, I am at the moment doing virtual assistance to SME offshore and if you are a Filipino who wants to earn while you are at home. Join us at Filipino Virtual Assistants.

Thank you to the people behind BlogActionDay2008



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  1. ellumbra / Oct 16 2008 9:39 am

    Good for you Yolynne – hats off to you. I wish you the best of fortune with your noble aspirations.
    I’m sure you’ll achieve them all – and more.
    God bless you.

  2. Nicely / Oct 16 2008 10:29 am

    i love the pic “Filipino kids playing in flood water”. the shot is very candid.

    i also participated in B.A.D. 2008 Poverty.

  3. Joseph Paltingca / Oct 16 2008 3:28 pm

    Its great Yolynne – you will be the best ADVOCATE OF GAWAD KALINGA!
    Gawad Kalinga is the best Brand of Community Development. The best
    Brand of Pooling great Filipinos for the least, and the least will become the
    best. The best Brand of Creating Peace and Development. The best Brand
    of Empowering the Poor and the Poor will rebuild this country together with
    the Rich.

    Update lang:

    October 25, 2008 * We will present GK to Zamcelco GM.
    * ADZU Nursing and Accountancy Students
    will immerse at GK Sites.
    November 30, 2008 * National Heroes Build – All Zamboanga GK Sites

    December 2008 * GK Tatag (Houses) Turn Over
    at the GK Site (Tulungatung)

    April 20-26, 2009 * HIGHWAY OF PEACE (HOPE) 2009
    – Bayani Build Challenge: Building 200 Houses
    – Tulungatung, Zamboanga City
    – Lamitan, Basilan Province
    – Liang, Patikul, Jolo Sulu
    – All roads in Mindanao will converge here in
    Zamboanga City.
    – Fifth Year to fight Poverty.

    Hi, its great to have a GK Partner like you, Yolynne! May you will discover the beauty and the greatness of life always! tito jo paltingca, gk volunteer

  4. yolynne / Oct 17 2008 5:15 am

    @ellumbra: thank you so much for the kind words
    @nicely: thanks also and keep on blogging, I enjoy looking at your blog, feels like I am also traveling to the places where you go to =)
    @Sir Joseph: thank you po for accommodating me and welcoming me in the group. I am looking forward to a partnership and help with the build. Will create a sked by next week for my staff and some friends who might want to join in. God Bless you also for the good works you have started.

  5. joseapaltingca / Oct 17 2008 8:54 am

    We are looking forward of our continues GK Friendship. God bless you
    and may God bless the desires of your Heart. Have a blessed day always.

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