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October 5, 2008 / yolynne

Once upon a time….

I am really pissed off,  personal as this may seem, but I need to let out the anger in my  heart so that it won’t grow inside of me.

The story goes like this….

There was this husband and wife who got married so young and have produced 2 offspring, a girl and a boy.  Though they fought for their love for each other, they also ended up fighting too much because poverty got into their system.  That was the time that they learned that they cannot really live on Love alone.

The wife opted to try her luck abroad, leaving her kids to the care of her husband.  Then all of a sudden her family comes and brainwashes the eldest child about the possible immorality that might happen when the mother is not around the house (stupid people).  Thus, they told the husband that the eldest daughter should stay with them.

The uncle and aunt of the kids were furious with the situation and with the evil thoughts of the wife’s relatives.  The child’s innocence should be protected and shielded.  The trauma effect to the children are carried out until their adulthood.  These adult people are not thinking right.. thus I am pissed off.

I feel better now… thank you =)


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