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October 4, 2008 / yolynne

Zamboanga Peninsula Bloggers

A few weeks ago, my friend Mr. Jerome Locson initiated a gathering of bloggers.  I immediately replied and volunteered to help out.  I like meeting new people and organizing gatherings and events even if these are sometimes too stressful to do.  I don’t know, but I feel alive and productive if I see an avenue for some of my ideas come to life.

Anyway, we have already met twice and have already added each other on Plurk, which is a way for us also to bond online.  We get to tease each other and comfort one another through the said latest micro blogging tool.

We also have made progress by making our meetups constant, we are scheduled for a meetup every tuesday night in any place as long as there is WIFI access.  So far the only place where we’ve met is at Mr. Bean Cafe in Catribo Complex, do you have any suggestions of another place where it would be cool to hangout?

We also planned to tap Bloggers living or are former residents of Zamboanga Peninsula Region.  Our region is always in the front page of Newspapers because of the different chaos that have transpired but rarely do we read good news that have happened and have given us pride.  We intend to change this course, with the help of blogging. I also believe that if we truly would want change to happen, we should not only be contented on doing the complaining but look for ways for this to come into reality. We also aim to promote unity, camaraderie and prosperity amidst our differences in religion or beliefs, school, age, gender and so much more.

We are still in the lookout for more active Zambo Pen Bloggers and if you know of one, kindly refer us to him or her.

If you would want to join us and be acquainted online or offline.  Just comment on this page and leave your contact info and we would get in touch with you as soon as we can.

By the way, if you are on facebook, you can hook up with us by joining our Facebook Group

Muchisimas Gracias! Daghang Salamat and…. Assalamu alaikum



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  1. eric / Oct 11 2008 8:54 am

    To the nice cute Filipina

  2. eric / Oct 11 2008 8:56 am

    To the nice cute Filipina woman who lives in Zamboanga
    Tell me if you receive this as I live in NYC but read Filipino papers for years
    in English
    about myself (if this goes thru) single white male, never married yet,
    brown hair, blue-hazel eyes, 5:6 1/2, 130lbs over age 40 do not smoke, drink and avoid drugs.
    (very religious, Christian)

  3. Drama Queen / Oct 14 2008 12:10 pm

    Hi Yolynne,

    Quetal? I was born in Zamboanga, grew up in Davao then went back there for my last year in high school then went back to Davao. Glad to know that there is a bloggers’ community in Zambo. Hope the Fiesta Pilar went well.

    Cheers! 🙂

  4. Juan The DJ / Oct 19 2008 8:05 am


    How many bloggers do you already have in the pack, Yolynne? 😉

    Well, we have quite a no. of Wifi Hotspot here in Zambo.

    > CoffeeMix @ Nunez Ext
    > CoffeMix @ former KayBees
    > Grand Astoria Hotel
    > Alejandras
    > Jollibee Camins


  5. Nick Nichols / Oct 25 2008 12:39 pm

    What a great concept Yolynne. I’m subscribing to these blogs. Mindanao blogging is becoming …. well, multidimensional.

  6. stefanie / Oct 25 2008 2:10 pm

    dol konose man iyo kunakel kwatro alya na pic? na skul antes.. ya mira ya gaha iyo se kanila… i think. hahaha

  7. pamela15s / Nov 8 2008 11:30 am


    just started blogging last sept’08 here at wordpress and it’s great to hear some other Zamboangueños are blogging too. I know some friends who blog (at least at a personal level) but aren’t part of any community like the one you have now.

    I see your pic above and the bloggers look like they’re still students? (except for quite a few).I’d be delighted if you count me in.

    my email’s and I have a blog here at wordpress but I’m still too shy to show it off. It’s not that impressive and I have only like 3 entries for the past 2 months. Been really busy with work but I have quite nice ideas on my mind but haven’t had the time to compose a write up yet.
    But if ever your curious its 🙂

  8. sintatoy / Nov 17 2008 8:09 pm

    nice one!

    i hope the number of zambo bloggers will grow!! count me IN…hopefully i could come home and attend your meet ups…Currently i’m in CDO…. 😉

  9. sintatoy / Nov 17 2008 8:11 pm

    please do visit my other blogs:

  10. onlooker / Dec 5 2008 4:17 am

    can i join your bloggers club?
    i got my blog right on this spot:

    and if its not too much to ask, can i crash in at one of your future get-togethers. i’ll bring some boiled bananas and pinakurats all of us can feast on…

    de real!

  11. anniniput / Dec 16 2008 11:17 am

    i’ve been blogging for quite some time already and so glad to meet fellow zamboangenio bloggers. Tarda yayo ta buska mga bloggero de zamboanga… 🙂

    Count me in hah!

  12. sidetracker / Dec 21 2008 3:53 pm

    anniniput, r u related to jerlalou partosa?…

  13. bairuz / Dec 29 2008 10:14 am

    Hi. I didnt know that such a blogging circle exists in zamboanga. I am zamboangueno myself, but i currently work here in makati. Maybe one of these days i can drop by in one of your meetups. =)

  14. zamboangabloggers / Feb 4 2009 11:33 am

    Join us here 😀

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