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October 1, 2008 / yolynne

Software Freedom Day’08 in Basilan Province, Philippines

I had the opportunity last Saturday, September 27, 2008, to go back and visit again Isabela, Basilan Province and give an introductory talk about Free and Open Source Software. I am not a very geeky person, but I can deliver a talk and share about my personal experiences as to how I got involved with it. Being a FOSS enthusiast doesn’t prevent you from using proprietary softwares but rather enables you to equip yourself and be educated with FOSS Alternative softwares. Some hard core FOSS promoters might get hurt with my intention of introducing FOSS as an alternative software, but the reason behind is that, we cannot force people to take or embrace FOSS applications immediately. We need to take it easy in teaching them and take one baby steps at a time. The process they undergo in using FOSS apps will eventually empower them and give an adrenalin rush and engage them to learn more; and that is my goal at the moment. I don’t care if people ask me why I am still using Windows or another proprietary software because I still use Ubuntu Linux as well. I use both and I love them both period.

I would like to thank the organizers, D’Comtecian and their moderator Mr. Rj Ian Sevilla for a very well organized event.

The program started with keynote address given by Dr. Francis Sarmiento III of International Open Source Network ASEAN +3 and Mr. Ric Bahaguer of CPU-UNION and Mr. Jamjun Rivera of Jaycees Basilan. Dr. Sarmiento and Mr. Bahaguer delivered their address thru Skype since both are based in Manila.

Other speakers during the event were:

Ms. Grace Sojor who discussed about Java and the Netbeans IDE,
Mr. Jerico Rivera who talked about PHP and the CodeIgniter Framework,
Mr. Rj Ian Sevilla who demonstrated  the installation of Joomla and discussed its interface,
and yours truly who explained about FOSS and the philosophies and ideologies behind. I also demonstrated Ubuntu Linux thru live CD and discussed the different FOSS applications and its equivalent in the proprietary softwares.

We would like to thank the Sponsors of the event, who were very generous enough to support this endeavor:

Ubuntu Linux for sending us 8.04 CDs and Ubuntu t-shirts
Netbeans for sending Netbeans/Java CDs and Netbeans t-shirts as well for online media promotion for the CDs and the Streamer

I have uploaded some of the photos during the event including my travel to Basilan at Software Freedom Day 08 in Basilan Province

We celebrated SFD on the 27th since there were a lot of activities here in our area during the SFD day itself.

I will try to upload some more photos as well as the presentations of each speakers.

Thank you very much also to the very active and jolly participants with a lot of help from our emcee the funny Mr. Ryan. The said event is surely one of the most fun FOSS event that I have attended.

Should you have any questions or would want to contact me, you can reach me at yolynne [at]



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  1. Kad / Oct 1 2008 9:47 am

    I’m glad u enjoyed the SOftware Freedom day. I have very limited knowledge about software and I admire someone like you who knows how to hand on modern stuff. I’m your new admirer.!! Peace..

  2. eric / Oct 11 2008 9:08 am

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    I just saw your name now, sorry.
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    on the internet to sell printed tee shirts.
    in regards

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