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September 16, 2008 / yolynne

Redefining my blog

Hi! I will be composing  this blog as fast as I could, coz I need to go to work in a while.  I am trying to discipline myself that I should blog only on my spare time and not on hours where I should devote my energy on my main work. I need to learn how to sacrifice, which for me makes blogging all the more exciting.

If some of you are visiting my blog lately, I am currently at a point of some transition…. I will be changing the layout theme for several times until I get something that I really  like.

There is really no main theme in this blog, although you will see a lot of stuff about Information Technology (a large portion are about my advocacy to promote Free and Open Source Software), I have also posted some free trainings, scholarships and tutorials that I usually find while blog hopping on the net.  If things get tough at my end, I usually post some emotional thoughts just for me to release whatever things are bothering me, I also blog about how Filipino’s image should be redefined and not confined on the  stuff that bad media publicity have given us.

That will be all for now.. thanks for those who have constantly visited this site, I  am truly  humbled  by your gesture.

May you receive good vibes today and be constantly blessed.

with lots of love from Zamboanga,




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  1. eradicus / Sep 16 2008 12:24 pm

    The layout is cool.

  2. Nicely / Sep 17 2008 12:28 pm

    wow new template! it’s simpler, but nicer. keep it up!

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