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September 12, 2008 / yolynne

I’m on Tumblr now

I like blogging but sometimes I feel that the process consumes a lot of time, some of my posts doesn’t even need to be composed on a lengthy manner.  There were times I just want to blog something as simple as bookmarking but would also like to have the option of putting some notes just to remind me why it took my fancy hehehe.  Anyway, I got into Tumblr today and started posting.  I feel that it is something in between micro blogging with the likes of  twitter and plurk and the real blogging platforms with a mixture of bookmarking sites e.g. .  So far so good.. it’s very simple and has no fuzz at all, but I am still in the process of exploring it .  The most important thing is, it satisfies my needs.  So if you find that this blog has not been as updated as it used to be, try to visit I might be blowing the horns over there.

See yah! Mwahh!


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