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September 11, 2008 / yolynne

Charice did it Again, We are proud of you Girl!

Yes, you read it right … Charice Pempengco did it again, she made us all FILIPINOS proud.

This time, Oprah gave the whole episode just for her.. all I can say was.. OH WOW!!!

One thing that struck me in this whole DREAM COME TRUE event in the life of Charice is that she kept a journal of the drawings of her dreams.  I have been planning on doing the same thing as well soon, just to keep me focus on what I want to achieve in life and find my real purpose in this world (yeah I know, kindda have an emo soul in me).  Seeing a little girl like Charice’s sketches of dreams come into reality one by one made me want to start immediately… so say good bye to my habit of procrastination (one of my really bad habits that I am trying to kick out of my system) hehehe.

I have attached the first part of her Oprah episode video and if  you want to see all of them, drop by at Charice Pempengco’s website at

We are proud of you Charice! Keep up the good work!

and thank you OPRAH for making DREAMS COME TRUE!

— Update

Celine and Charice duet at the Madison Garden


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  1. esouled / Sep 16 2008 7:48 am

    Hi there! you have a great and information rich site here! specially about our beloved country and its people!

    It reminded me about an article written by Nick Joaquin about “our smallness” as a Filipino.

    Indeed we need new Rizals in our generation today not only in the field of entertainment but also in the field of education, government,etc. our history tells us that the “indios” during Rizal’s time were the glory of the universities in europe.

    more power!

    if you have time please visit my site too. thanks!

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