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September 6, 2008 / yolynne

Happy Grandparents Day!

My gosh it had been months of pure neglect =(  in blogging.  What can I say but sowwy (that is sorry in my own endearing way). I’ll make it up to you… slowly hehhe….

Anyway, I received something in my inbox that said.. Happy Grandparents day, so I thought of posting something for my Lolos and Lolas (some of you might call yours Grandpa and Grandma or Abuelo y Abuela).

I really did not grew up knowing both my Lolo in either side of my family but came to know of my Lolas.  Both of my Lola are very endearing and very affectionate to all their apos.  It makes me always smile in remembering my lovely time together with them.  When I grew up and started having a life of my own a bit far from them, geographically that is, I started being close to other aged people, I love hugging them and kissing them… making them feel like a real apo and that I treasure them as well in my heart.

I also remember the time when I was in high school, when we went to the Home for the Aged; it made me lonely and a bit teary eyed when some of the elders shared  that they hadn’t seen their loved ones for a long time and that they miss them terribly.  I said a silent prayer that I wish I won’t end up lonely and sad when I grow old.

To all the Lolo and Lola, Abuelo y Abuela, Grandpa and Grandma…


and thank you for giving us the best gift in the world…


Here’s a brief history of Grandparent’s day that I found on the net.


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  1. caca / Sep 10 2008 4:18 pm

    uno ya lang mio grandparent, lejos pa gad le. talya negros. 😦

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