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May 19, 2008 / yolynne

Where the hell is Matt? Documenting his travels thru his Unique Dance steps

Matt who? ohh I saw this guy in the Internet after blog hopping a few months ago. When you search the word Matt in Google, his portal comes in second, the first one being that of Matt Mullenweg, one of WordPress’ founders.

Matt, as his website refers to him is a 30-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play videogames, He achieved this goal pretty early and enjoyed it for a while, but eventually realized there might be other stuff he was missing out on. In February of 2003, he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he’d saved to wander around the planet until it ran out. He made this site so he could keep his family and friends updated about where he is.

He surely does have a great way to showcase his Dancing talent and at the same time document the list of places he has been too. It is quite fascinating as well to see him doing his trademark dance steps and because of this, Stride Long-lasting gum offered him something that was hard to refuse…. which was to tour again around the world and make a video.. wow!. He did visit 39 countries in the 7 continents way back in 2006. His videos are one of the most watched in youtube.

He is now known as “That guy who dances on the internet. No, not that guy. The other one. No, not him either. I’ll send you the link. It’s funny.”

Where the Hell is Matt?

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  1. Kate / Jul 30 2008 3:23 pm

    Interesting info here. Enjoyed visiting your blog.


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