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March 23, 2008 / yolynne

A Call for every Filipino

Need I say more?

‘We can do much more for our country’ –, Philippine News for Filipinos

I want to make it known that there are also Filipinos who dream of something better for the Philippines. I want them to know that my country is not filled with scalawags and crooks in every corner, and that there are citizens left who believe in decency, fairness, the right to speak, the right to voice out ideas, the right to tell the people we have trusted to lead us that they have abused their power and that it is time for them to step down.Summon power of good

I refuse to let this country go to hell because it is the only country I call mine and it is my responsibility to make sure I have done what I could for it.

Those of us who do not have the wealth, power or position to battle the evil crime lords in government can summon the power of good. We can pray. We can do this with our families every night. We can offer petitions every time we celebrate Mass. We can ask others to pray, too, including relatives and friends here and overseas. And we can offer sacrifices along with our petitions, just so we can get Him to hear our message that we are desperate in ridding our nation of these vermin. After all, they cannot be more powerful than God!

I implore mothers out there to raise your children the best way you can. Do not smother, pamper, or lavish them with too much of the material comforts of life even if you can well afford them. Teach them that there are more important things in this world.

Teach kids honesty, fair play

I beg all fathers to spend time with their children, to teach them the virtues of hard work, honesty, fair play, sharing, dignity and compassion—right from the sandbox till they are old enough to go on their own. Not just in your homes, but at work, in school, everywhere you go. Be good role models. Be shining examples for your children so they will learn to be responsible adults who will carry and pass on your family name with pride and honor.

I call on educators and teachers—we always underestimate the power of your influence on the minds of our youth. Encourage them to be aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Instill in them a love of their country, inculcate in them the value of perseverance in order to gain real, worthwhile knowledge, help us mold our children into honorable men and women.

Encourage our graduates, our best and brightest, to do what they can to lift this country from the mire our traditional politicians have sunk us into. The youth is our future—and it would be largely because of you, our educators, that we will be able to repopulate the seats of power with good leaders, presidents, senators, congressmen, justices, lawmakers, law enforcers and lawful citizens.

I ask all students, young people and young professionals everywhere to look around and get involved in what is happening. Do not let your youth be an excuse for failure to concern yourselves with the harsh realities you see.

But neither let this make you cynical, because we need your idealism and fresh perspective just as you need the wisdom of your elders. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! Let your voices be heard. Do what you can for this land of your ancestors and your heritage.

Use technology and all available resources at hand to spread good. Text meaningful messages to awaken social conscience. Try your best to fight moral decay because I promise you will not regret it when you become parents yourselves. You will look back at your past misdeeds and pray that your children will do better than you did.

Remember that there are a few who are capable of running this country. You can join their ranks and make their numbers grow. We are tired of the old trapos. We need brave idealistic leaders who will think of the greater good before anything else. Do your utmost to excel in your chosen field. Be good lawyers, civil servants, accountants, computer techies, engineers, doctors, military men so that when you are called to serve in government, you will have credibility and a record that can speak for itself.

For love of this country, for the future of our children, for the many who have sacrificed and died to uphold our rights and ideals, I urge you to do what you can. As ordinary citizens, we can do much more for the Philippines than sit around and let crooks lead us to perdition. We owe ourselves this. And we owe our country even more.

from Gemma Dimaculangan, a Medical Technologist in Metro Manila

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  1. butalidnl / Mar 23 2008 5:48 pm

    As a Pinoy based abroad, I marvel at how many people in the Philippines are so depressed at the state of the country. If one has a wider view of the world, one can say that the Philippines is not doing too bad. The Philippines doesn’t compare badly with most countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America in terms of economic development, governance and social cohesion. Actually, I can say we are doing rather well. Of course there is corruption in the Philippines, even in high places, but what else is new? There is corruption almost everywhere else – most especially in countries like the US or Japan, which seem to be countries Filipinos like to compare ourselves with. Corruption is not only graft (I admit, we probably have more graft than the US); but there is also nepotism, influence-peddling (aka lobbyists), undue use of public office for making personal profit, pork barrel. In these other kinds of corruption, the US beats us by far. And governments in most other countries are even worse.

    People hope to get idealistic leaders, who would replace the corrupt trapos. However, this is a vain hope; since the Philippine political system makes it extra difficult, if not impossible, for idealistic leaders of any kind to rise to national elected positions. Besides, it is not every kind of idealism which would be good for the country – what if the CPP-NPA takes over? will they be better than the present trapos? I don’t think so.

    Filipinos should not despair: not only is the Philippines doing well, it is set to do much better even, and this despite the terrible political leadership we have (and will probably continue to have). In 20-30 years, the country will develop to OECD status i.e. become a developed country, both economically and politically. It is not a matter of IF, or even WHEN. It will happen. I’m sure of that.
    In fact, I’m so sure of that, that I plan to be Philippine-based much before that time comes. Why miss the party?

  2. Rom / Mar 23 2008 7:46 pm

    I agree! The Philippines is in not so bad a state compared to other countries. However, we can do better. The problem is not the politicians – they will always be there – but more of the masses who love to vote them into office just because of popularity. This is what I hate the most.

    It will take time before the Filipinos will wake up and collectively make a decision not to elect these officials. Only when Filipinos learn from history will the country improve. The thing is – Filipinos have short memories. They forget the past easily.

    The working class must exert its power and not the non-working masses who politicians love to court (read: give money to buy their votes). Remember – the wealthy will support the politicians to protect their interests. However, the working class far outnumber them.

    The question is – WHEN.

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