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March 17, 2008 / yolynne

An Expert’s view on OpenXML

We Filipinos have a custom that when big decisions in life were to be made, we seek older, wiser and more successful people to explain the consequences that might happen after. We value assurances and opinions from people that matter.

So when Winston Damarillo openly shared his views on the status of OpenXML to be considered as a standard format, I suggest that you better take sometime to sit and relax then read the article below and internalize the facts he enumerated, before you decide for yourself whether you will agree or disagree with him.

OpenXML not ready to become an ISO standard –, Philippine News for Filipinos

OpenXML not ready to become an ISO standardBy Erwin Oliva
First Posted 15:45:00 03/09/2008

MAKATI CITY, Philippines –

Vocal open source advocate Winston Damarillo said that a Microsoft-backed standard for data formats, OpenXML, is not “quite ready” to become a global standard.

“The issue here is that there’s a need to have standardized documents. Open Document Format (ODF) is now an existing ISO [International Organization of Standardization] standard. But Microsoft created a competing standard, OpenXML, which is predominantly based on [a] Microsoft format, and predominantly written by a trade group not a standards body. That’s okay, that’s fine. They can still do that,” said Damarillo.

“But the problem is that ODF is an 800-page standard, while Microsoft’s [OpenXML] is a 6,000 page standard with 3,000 bugs, 900 of which are still unresolved. But they’ve pushed it to the fast-tracking process in the ISO,” he said.

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