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March 12, 2008 / yolynne

Remembering my Palawan Roots

I was browsing through some pictures of Judy Ann Santos taken for the movie Ploning (a movie about a provincial lass who wants to leave her hometown to look for her first love Tomas. However, her adopted son tries different antics just to make her stay in Cuyo, Palawan) which reminded me of how much I miss my mother’s hometown.

I remember my Lola’s (grandmother) Cuyunin (used to refer to Palawan’s dialect and people) accented tagalog when we were still little and on how I was able to understand my mom, uncles and aunts discussions after I have developed an understanding of their dialect but unfortunately did not learn enough or maybe haven’t practiced it thoroughly to become Cuyunin conversant.

Ohh.. how my heart leaped when I was able to visit them again, a few months after I got married. Even though the stay was just short.. but the memories are still fresh and lingering up to this day. I still remember how fun and touching it had been for me to swim on the different islands (don’t miss doing Island hopping if you go to Puerto Prinsesa) and how often I smiled from watching dew drops in the leaves or hear rooster’s early morning call. Ohhh.. I miss Palawan so much.


I vowed to go back, visit more places.. meet more relatives.. I wanna go and swim at the lagoon in Coron or go kayaking instead. I sometimes envy some foreigners that are enjoying Palawan’s treasures when I watch some shows.


I learned that there are quite a number of active Cuyunin (Palawenyos) bloggers in the net. I do hope for them to tell more of the beauty of Palawan and its people thru their blogs and may they grow in number.

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  1. vetlongwalks / Mar 15 2008 10:47 pm

    hi… thanks for visiting my li’l place on the web. i’m glad i was able to share with you my pix of your hometown palawan. will soon post more pix of my trip to palawan when i find the time.

    truly love the place. it’s just sad that it’s mostly foreigners who get to enjoy the beauty of palawan. at least that’s my perception..

  2. nanette / Apr 9 2008 12:25 pm

    i am from cuyo and would rather be known as cuyonon, not cuyunin as the later is actually a corruption of the term by people who always try to translate the cuyonon language into tagalog.

    thanks for your article anyway and i’m glad there are still people like you who are proud of their heritage.

  3. sanda itey / Jul 13 2008 12:39 am

    hello, i got to your pages after i googled my name and as an answer got the website “cuyo press”. then i looked for some pages in english which contain the word “cuyonon” and so i found your site! 🙂 i’m from croatia, europe. so, i would like to know what my name means in cuyo language, i. e. “sanda” and “itey”. i’ll be most grateful i you could send me a reply to my e-mail. thank you!

  4. sanda itey / Jun 27 2009 5:55 pm

    it’s pity you didn’t answer to my question even one year after I posted it. 😦

  5. Diegolo ng Palawan / Aug 5 2009 8:10 pm

    Hello Sanda Itey!

    I am from Palawan Island where Cuyu is located. I speak Cuyunon.

    Your name means “they are small”.

    Sanda – they
    Itey – small

    You’ve waited so long…

    Diegolo ng Palawan

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