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February 29, 2008 / yolynne

Are you Jooce enough? It’s a WebOS

I love reading some online tech magazines, I got this habit from my husband who frequents Slashdot, Linuxmag and some other geek online readings.  He told me about his new find this morning  and it’s called JooceJooce, according to the article from techcrunch is a WebOS that targets the Cybercafe generation. So if you are one of those who frequents internet shops, better check this out.

France’s Jooce Enters WebOS Space

New Paris startup Jooce says they are targeting the “cybercafe generation” with their new Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform.

Jooce is most like Goowy, another Flash based web OS/desktop. But Jooce is different enough to merit a closer look. They says 500 million people a day log on to the Internet from a cybercafe, and they are the target of the Jooce product. They want access to core customized applications like instant messaging, storage, media player, email and widgets. Jooce offers all of that, and is also a private sharing network among friends.

Every user has their own private desktop for IM, email, storage, etc. But they also have another desktop that friends can access and grab shared files, or drop off a file that they want to share.

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  1. indra saputra / Jan 18 2009 10:10 pm


    that is a good habit,,,,

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