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February 27, 2008 / yolynne

Thoughts on Alternative Hardware

Mr. Handoko, my friend from Indonesia and co-participant in Asiasource2 shared his thoughts about Alternative Hardware and its effect to our environment and on some other aspects in life which I find very interesting. I posted it here in my blog so that you can also gain some insights too.

From: Handoko

The following summary is about alternative hardware and access that we have had during our last AS2 camp and may have been discussed informally with track2 participants. I quoted in full for a preview to my blog.

I know that most of us have a chance to get newer gadgets, however let us notice the technology behind perhaps for anyone who can’t afford a lavish mode of accessing technology.

To elaborate more about this, our company has a policy to use available ICT tools or facilities; learn to use it effectively, no upgrade on hardware or software unless necessary.

This view is toward the global warming effect if you always tend to use newer manufactured products for your life or works more than necessary and it is better to recycle old ones as long as they are still usable. Manufactured products will create more waste and some of them are not recyclable.

“The Microsoft Vista is said to create more e-waste since the product needs the latest hardware to fit and dump the old ones.”

More concerns should be taken on recycling those products which are not environmental friendly without going into extremely ‘back to nature’ way of life since the nature itself is our limited resources. It would then exploit the nature.

Replacing goods to a better environmental friendly and energy saving is a better way to save your resources including your pocket. You can limit your need to unnecessary spending habits and forget the value of money if you own more than enough. Isn’t it true? Forget the thing that makes you feeling un-rich.

Do you feel happier when you can optimize the usage of older equipments or facilities to the utmost?

A few practical example

OLPC, Asus EEE PC, or Intel Classmate PC are using the 900MHz class processor. However they cost more than a recycled and still usable Pentium III – 900MHz class processor notebook. Will you still use an old Pentium III notebook which has enough capacity to explore and connect to the web?

An old computer of Pentium I-233 series or even a 486 can still serve as a fax receiving machine using an 14.4kbps modem and Winfax. Fax or facsimile is using the 9600bps standard for sending and receiving so a 14400bps speed is more than sufficient. Winfax and other fax software are still available freely from the web.

On the contrary we still need additional scanner for scanning the images in sending the fax. You can print only whenever necessary to reduce paper cost. Paper usage is one of the most damaging to our forest. A

typical daily paper usage will burn a bunch of trees.

Do you know how to download your emails effectively?

I have used for a long time Midpoint software from Midcore to pop about eight email accounts from one time internet connection. It will truly save up your internet cost if you receive hundreds of emails daily. Midcore Inc has now ceased, how will it be the right to use now?

There are many of the free type email applications to enable popping multiple email accounts (the so called Network Address Translation program) but not many people can sort it out for a better usage of downloading your emails. It means there are many to dig available

software, learn and use it effectively.

Even using your left hand for clicking and dragging the mouse is called effective for a right-handed person -:)

An older wifi equipment of 802.11b is still usable to connect even though there is newer 802.11g standard avail. You can still connect using an 802.11b wifi client in an 802.11g environment and it will adjust to allowable transfer speed.

The following can be used for quizes:

o Do you know how to connect two computers using crossed UTP cable and enable them to share files and access the internet concurrently?

o Do you still remember on how to connect several computers using RG58 coaxial cable and create networking with a 10Mbps transfer speed?

You can add more on using easily to adapt ICT facilities.

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