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February 25, 2008 / yolynne

A political Rat ay este Rant!

Try to sing the song with me.. this is rap song

Side A
tini mini my ni mo..
oh no not me.. i’m not your foe

zte zap zte zap
oh no not again.. another tap?

zte bad zte bad
oh gosh it’s okay.. I won’t be mad

they can’t do a thing, they can’t do a thing
you know they know.. who gives the shots

it’s all in the plan as you might have known
and they can’t do a thing b’coz I run the show

Side B
oh no oh no
that’s what u think, that’s what u think

you’ve got no show.. oh show no no
we don’t watch cartoons, not our taste you know

remember momma it’s the people
who says if you’ll stay …. or go

just do what is just
and say what is right

that’s the only thing we ask…
and we won’t say you are bad … momma..

break it down yo!

Seems kindda out of tune.. but it’s a song my heart is singing at the moment =)

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