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February 22, 2008 / yolynne

Zamboanga’s youth calls for Truth, Accountability and Reform

Maybe God is really leading me to have an active blogging life, coz I have lots of materials nowadays to share.

A lot of stuff have been said by newspapers, tv, radio and the newest and hippiest type of media of them all… the blog and it is all about the political chaos we are again into.

It’s funny to think that a lot of people in Manila or abroad always ask me if Zamboanga or Mindanao is safe to go to, my answer to them would always be.. “Mas magulo pa nga sa Manila eh” (No offense meant to the people of Manila) and to think that Manila is really a bearable and livable city meaning mas peaceful dito… hot lang kami sa media. What Mindanao especially Zamboanga’s main problems is.. people who are not from here try to make small things seem big, so the simple news are sometimes blown out of proportion.

I was able to get some shots awhile ago of young people on a motor cade holding the banners of TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY and REFORM. A cry they want our leaders to hear (kung hindi bingi!) and hopefully think about.

To our friends living abroad, don’t be afraid to visit my country, the Philippines, we are just too honest to tell the world of our problems and troubles.. because it keeps depression at bay =)and If you are looking for a place where to stay, visit Value Hotels in the Philippines

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