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February 22, 2008 / yolynne

Expect more schools to go OPEN SOURCE in 2008

If your school has an Open source curriculum, then you are attending one of the “IN” schools, if not.. then you know the answer =)

Open source brings to life a lot of ingenuity, if you just use proprietary.. then it means, you are in a box. What does being “in a box” means, it means that you have less freedom to do what you want and to discover your potentials.

So if your school doesn’t have an open source curriculum yet… better start bugging your school heads for one.

More schools adopting RP-made open source training program –, Philippine News for Filipinos

More schools adopting RP-made open source training programBy Erwin Oliva
First Posted 14:57:00 02/22/2008

MANILA, Philippines — A three-year-old training program developed in the Philippines by Sun Microsystems in tandem with local academicians has attracted about 12 percent of the local universities and tertiary schools in the country, executives said.

About 273 schools out of 1,600 universities and tertiary schools are now members of the Java Education and Development Initiative (JEDI) of Sun Microsystems, said Matt Thompson, director of Sun Developer Network and Open Source Programs Office of Sun Microsystems.

read more by clicking on the title of the article.

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  1. luap777 / Feb 22 2008 11:45 am

    Give me .NET over Java any day 😉 of course, if you wanna use Java, just means less competition for me 😀


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