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February 19, 2008 / yolynne

A story of Friendship between a Muslim and a Christian

A Story of Friendship

What does a Christian girl and a Muslim girl have in common?

I thought of finally sharing one of my treasured relationships in life.. and that is a friendship that I share with a Muslim girl named Faida.

Faida and I get a long very well, she was my husband’s former student way back in college, who eventually became my officemate and then later she moved on to work for TESDA ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) as an IT Specialist. Ohh she has a brilliant mind and is a good speaker too. Many considers her to be a very open minded person with a soft heart, I was even confident enough with her abilities and good natured personality that she’ll end up on top of her class of Muslim Interns in Congress a few years ago, and true enough, she indeed graduated on top; but she doesn’t really care about the grades that much. I consider her a beauty too (me bayad tong blog na to hahahha) but no one has yet captured her heart and attention. In other words.. nominated na sya na maging spinster. She’s one of those Muslim girls that has a strong personality and has her own mind and unique character.. me pagka weird nga lang minsan hehehe.

We do have the same passion for gadgets… and we are both religious too.. umuuwi talaga yan to pray kaya nauubos ang sweldo sa pamasahe, but never did we discuss religion or beliefs seriously. We respect each other on that matter. Oh.. but unlike me she’s a geek.. she could do C++ and java programs fast. Pero iba na daw ang calling nya ngayon hahaha so she stopped creating/developing programs. We both love Mindanao, kaya parehong di nag abroad. Irregardless of the chaos and trouble.. we still have this hope that sooner or later everything will be well, ganyan kame ka positive.

I do feel good when I see or witness deep friendship between two people where religion, race or social status is not a big issue.

When I bought an EEE PC, Faida bought one too, when I saw her mobile device with built in TV and FM feature, I bought one also. Ohhh.. the list goes long enough for me to say that we envy each other when it comes to gadgets hehehhe.

faida with her eee pc

We like working for NGOs. It makes us more socially aware of what is happening around us and makes us more motivated to work harder. We love to laugh at our own mistakes and failures..(naa.. she laughs more often at my bloopers hehehe)

We also like books.. so when hypa7ia (irc nick) at Ubuntu-Women was kind enough to send me two books of Women Don’t Ask (an inspirational book for women who want to be effective negotiators), I gave the other one to her.

Faida with the Women Don’t Ask Book

Yolynne holding the Women Don’t Ask Book

We also love food and cakes.. but she doesn’t get fat and I do and she kept on pestering me and uttering unkind words about my figure hehehe and I don’t care hahhaa.

Mocha Cake @ Coffee Bean Cafe

in Zamboanga City

Faida with our cakes and our gadgets

Well, what more can I say but I’ve got one good friend in Faida, loyal, trustworthy and humble.. and my fave among her characteristics is her Deadmatic outlook on life’s troubles

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  1. butalidnl / Feb 20 2008 9:48 am

    An inspiring story. Your basic optimism, in being positive about the future, and your part in it, is something that seems not too common in the Philippines these days.

  2. piju / Feb 23 2008 11:23 am

    nice post here

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