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February 17, 2008 / yolynne

Tips on Social and Business Networking

Tips on Social and Business Networking

I am into a lot of Social Networking Groups and Sites since I like meeting new people (even if it’s only online) and learning more about their culture. It broadens my knowledge and understanding of one’s behavior. Although it has been my motto not to generalize on people.. it’s mind awakening to know that there is a behavioral pattern that one can follow based on the tribes, races and religion and so much more categorical groups that a person belongs to.

Professional and Social networking also compliments my job at International Open Source Network as a Networking Specialist. Doing networking to the Open Source community surely is very challenging and rewarding as well.

I’ve got these tips from one mailing list that I am a member of;

Online networking can be extremely rewarding, if you know xactly the results you want to get and how to get them. Here is a plan I recommend following for effective online networking:

  • Make Your Networking Goals Clear To Yourself. Until ou know exactly what results you need to get out of our networking efforts, no one will know what they are either. It is extremely important to know exactly that you need to get out of networking. Do you want to meet certain kinds of people? Promote your expertise? Gain more clients?
  • Find Appropriate Networking Groups, Web Sites and Forums To Participate In. After working  with many clients I have found out that the majority of people who have complained about not getting results from networking online have been networking in the wrong groups. When you network with people who are not in your target market, you will not accomplish your goals.To find the right groups to network in, look back at the goals you have set for your networking. What kind of people do you need to network with to reach these goals? Once you know the answer to this question, find the networking groups where the majority of participants are these people.
  • Network With Your Goals In Mind. Participate in discussions, share and help others and show your expertise at the same time. This will help your target market notice you and it will help you reach your networking goals faster.

Biana Babinsky

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