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February 14, 2008 / yolynne

WomenWhoTech – briding the gap to the digital divide in gender

I have always been a staunch activist of women empowerment thru Technology. The first few years of internet was still predominantly used by geeks (who are obviously men, though there are some women who calls themselves geekeths).. but today….not anymore.  Internet very much appeals now to everybody in all walks of life in whatever age bracket they belong to and irregardless of one’s gender.

One of the websites that I frequent these days is WomenWhoTech and they will be having a National Telesummit on March 31, 2008.

You can also check out and which both have a similar advocacy as that of WomenWhoTech

Rad Campaign | Tech Women: On March 31st Use Your Power to Reshape the World

Defying the stereotype that the tech world belongs to pocket-protector toting guys hooked on sci-fi and video games; hundreds of women are gearing up for the “Women Who Tech” national telesummit. These are no ordinary women either. The participants are the cadre of women from coast to coast who leverage their technology savvy to inspire change and transform the world.

Among the sessions:

• Web 2.0: What’s Hot? What’s Not?

• Cracking the Boys Club: Women and Social Capital

• Everything You Wanted To Know About Tech But Were Afraid To Ask (a man)

• Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling

Panelists include a “who’s who” of women on the forefront of social change and technological progress, among them: Arianna Huffington of; Joan Blades of and and Lynne Johnson of Fast Company to name a few.

“Women have been at the forefront of developing technology before the days of floppy discs, CRT monitors and corded mice,” said Allyson Kapin, the organizer of Women Who Tech.

The Women Who Tech telesummit is for those of us who see computers as instruments of social change, not just hardware and software. It’s for women who are committed to applying technology in ways that engage people and advance our common values.”

For more information vist

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