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February 13, 2008 / yolynne

Effects of Computer

I thought of doing a research on the (bad) effects of Computer in our lives. It’s nice to be aware and not end up being ignorant of what may come out later from my excessive usage of Computer and other gadgets. I have just read Bo Sanchez‘ article which made me ponder on how attached I am with my gadgets. I am really into different gadgets.. cheap and the not so cheap (but I like cheaper ones better… it makes me feel good when I know that I get to do things on my cheap gadgets when my counterparts are doing theirs on their super sozy/high-tech & high-priced devices).

I developed a migraine (click on the migraine word to know more about the syndrome) early in my career from excessive usage of Personal Computers. My aunt even blamed my miscarriage to my working habits and my excessive exposure to the computer monitor (her sermon on its radiation effect seemed and felt like forever), which according to her has been a proven culprit to a lot of fetus demise.

After getting back again to an active life online, I tried very hard to balance my life and not end up concentrating too much on one area of it.. So I thought of identifying the different world that I belonged to (family, friends, office-mates.. and a lot more). Passion != Obsession, that became my rule. I am at the moment, trying very hard to balance my family and career.. including some side functions that I do online.

Here are some of the stuff that I got from the internet:

Bad Effects of Computers (from yahoo answers)

1) Gain wt. by sitting in one place for so long and not getting any exercise.

2) Neglecting to clean or cook because it takes time away from the pc

3) Sore back muscles.

4) Blurred eyesight

5) Freaking out when your internet server is down!!!

6) Not sitting down to eat at the table.

7) Putting off peeing when you have to go, because it takes time away
from being online….Can get some nasty bladder infections from these.

8) Limiting time spent with family and friends in favor of the pc

…. so can you still add more to this list based on your experience?

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  1. caca / Feb 15 2008 12:08 am

    although a lot can be done with high end devices, making something out of cheap gadgets makes me proud. Indeed it’s still a man’s initiative that spells out the difference. 🙂

    Passion != Obsession i just have to say YES to this. Passion = Good Result, Obsession = Result – Good and often turns out deadly. 🙂

    keep blogging!

    miss yah ma’am yolynne

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