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February 9, 2008 / yolynne

2007 Asian Laureate of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

I’d like to feature the 2007 Asian Laureate of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, since I came from Asia and is currently working for an NGO that promotes capacity building to most of its third world countries for faster development through the use of Free and Open Source Software (pls. see for more info. ).

The Asian Winner is conceptualized by two dynamic women namely, NANDINI PANDHI & YASMINA MCCARTY.

I liked the concept of the project that they have created, though it is still in the first stages of development (which is I think one of the requirements for an entry to be accepted at the Cartier’s), it looks very promising for developing countries’ low-income entrepreneurs.

I would like to quote Nandini, a Computer Science graduate and a former Silicon Valley programmer;

“I began to form a clearer vision of how I wanted to channel my
entrepreneurial ambitions, a vision which involved combating the three
principal challenges that the low-income entrepreneurs in developing
countries face: lack of access to credit, lack of business information
and poor access to markets.”

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards – Asia

GreenMango will attempt to change the way business is done in the informal economy by creating a virtual marketplace where low-income entrepreneurs and their consumers can find each other. GreenMango is a search platform where shoppers can browse through virtual, personalized storefronts of local vendors. Unlike any existing local search engine or directory service, GreenMango goes a step further by providing each shopper with vendor reviews from people they know and trust. It brings the collective knowledge of your social network into your shopping experience online. “Our ambition is to level the playing field for low-income entrepreneurs to compete with larger companies in acquiring new customers and growing their businesses,” says Nandini.

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