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January 31, 2008 / yolynne

Noypi ako eh! Proud to be Pinoy!

Naku I don’t know what happened but I am becoming an Unofficial Philippine ambassador… nainggit yata ako ke HappySlip eh hahaha.

Well.. I have bumped to this Filipino guy online who is working in Switzerland as a Chef.. actually we both don’t know how we ended up on each other’s IM contacts but anyway… we  exchanged views on a lot of things until…. the topic of Jologs and Sozy (Classy and Sociable) came about. 

I told him that I am proud to be Jologs.. (teka ha.. my concept of jologs is that para kang si Vincent Dafalong or Jolina Magdangal na pwede mong isuot ang gusto mong isuot without bothering on what others will say… ang importante kasi happy ka.. kung baga kahit out of context and out of uso.. gawin mo o isuot mo).  I told him that I am proud to be pango.. o edi nagulat ang lolo…hehehe

Well.. he said that he liked my attitude and my views.. very patriotic daw.. what I do know though is that I just say what I feel.. mahirap kasing i-keep sa puso.. madaling atakihin.

I dunno.. I just get too irritated sometimes siguro if I hear others say negative remarks about my country, kahit ano pa man.. I am emotional when it comes to topics like this.. madali akong ma excite at ma highblood minsan hehehe.  I try to be as positive as I can get.. ika nga ni Bo Sanchez.. “if you think positive you will receive positive.. if you think negative.. then you’ll receive negative” .. na rephrase ko yata ng konti but the meaning is somewhat the same. 

I shared with him the link to the collection of photos taken from different parts of the Philippines that I found the other day. Would like to share it with you also,

Enjoy viewing the shots! I’m proud of the photographer for being able to capture the real beauty of the places and people of the Philippines.

P.S. Sorry to those non-filipino speaking readers from the different planets my blog is a member of.. if you want some clarifications about some of my posts.. you can just email me or I can do translations … but that might take some time =)
thanks for understanding, God Bless you all!

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