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December 17, 2007 / yolynne

Wanna make a Difference in our World?

If you are just a normal person like me, but also has an ambitious goal of making this world a better place to live in, then this site is for you.

Foundation For A Better Life

The mission of The Foundation for a Better Life, through various media efforts, is to encourage adherence to a set of quality values through personal accountability and by raising the level of expectations of performance of all individuals regardless of religion or race. Through these efforts, the Foundation wants to remind individuals they are accountable and empowered with the ability to take responsibility for their lives and to promote a set of values that sees them through their failures and capitalizes on their successes. An individual who takes responsibility for his or her actions will take care of his or her family, job, community, and country.

You can get the daily quote widget and put a link to your blog to help promote goodness in our planet in your small simple way.

Positive stuff can be delivered to your email and you can even request for a poster to be snail mailed to you for as long as you will be using it for an NGO, school or hospital.

If some of you are from the media, and would want to feature them in your show, they also produce ads.

I just have to say that, today is one of the days where my love for technology and the internet grows stronger.

Special thanks to CNN where I saw the ad of The Foundation for Better Life

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  1. FruityOaty / Dec 18 2007 6:38 pm

    Last year, I volunteered for 4 weeks to teach abused women (in a shelter for abused women and children) basic computer literacy skills (Internet, word processing, etc.) plus how to write a resume…

    It felt great sharing what I knew… Yes, technology can make a difference…

  2. cathy / Jan 2 2008 4:06 am

    heya! first time here. i was looking for a mission-vision generator and somehow got to your blog. i must say that it’s a great thing that you have written about the Foundation. Not too many do. 😛

    Have a blessed 2008!

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