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December 13, 2007 / yolynne

A Blog Review: My Experience with FOSS of Eugene Ranjo

Dahil mahal ko ang FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) at mahal ko ang Mindanao. I have finaly decided to join /’s Review-a-Blog Competition. These are one of the few times that I will be entering a contest, my goal is not to win but to enjoy the feeling of being part of one. Uncertainty in life is always so exciting.

The first blog that I will review is one owned by Mr. Eugene Ranjo who I have just learned also hails from Cotabato the homeland of my grandfather.

His website entitled, My Experience with FOSS, is a bit similar to my blog minus the jologs and emo posts that I have. He has only a few posts but made very good comments on foss applications and my favorite linux flavor, Ubuntu.

I like the simplicity and the theme of the blog, very cool to the eyes and inviting as well. Though he still needs to do more posting to keep readers on coming back, I already commend him for doing a good start on his blogging career.

Will just add some suggestions that I think would make it more kaaya-aya ika nga:

1. Since he is from Cotabato, It would be a bonus if I will be able to read some migration stories in the area using the foss app being featured. That would surely make the FOSS application look more credible as a good alternative to the proprietary ones being used.

2. It would also be cool to feature projects done using the FOSS application, for example, a layout with a small caption below that says, this was created using SCRIBUS and GIMP.

3. A brief historical background of the application being featured would also be a plus point, since some of us really are into historical notes.

4. A personalized banner would spice up his blog and add a touch of the author’s personality. WordPress’ themes sometimes are too common that it turns off other readers.

5. Would love to see more widgets around the blog, since it is the trend in blogging nowadays.

6. To make it also a bit more personal, I would love to see some pics of the author, maybe modified using a foss app in the blog.

7. Blogging about some tutorials from foss websites would also be a great help, maybe you can give comments or recommendations as to what tutorials sites would be more interesting to read or which is useful and which is not. Based from experience, I easily stumble on not so useful tutorial sites and its really a waste of time, so I think reviewing tutorial sites of FOSS apps could be a good move.

8. If in case you will be the one doing the tutorial, it would be nice to record the steps and upload it in your blog, since a lot are learning easier by example, maybe with the use of CamStudio would be a great help.

9. Maybe you can also do a research about groups in Mindanao who had been promoting it in their respective fields, for example, agriculturistst (since Mindanao has a vast agricultural area) using foss apps.

10. I am planning of going home to Maguindanao to promote FOSS usage sometime in the year 2009, I still need to strengthen my connections and knowledge about FOSS; maybe we can hook up and work together for a more FOSSperous Mindanao =)

Good luck to you Eugene, I hope you’ll get inspired and not despised by my review.

As they all say it in the FOSS world, “May the power of FOSS be with you”.

I know Mindanao still has a long way to go when it comes to adaptation of FOSS, but the mere fact that it is opening its arms to it is already a big factor that puts a smile to our faces.

May people like you grow in number.

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  1. Mindanao Bloggers / Dec 13 2007 7:04 am

    Hello! Thanks very much for your entry! It is now included in the roster @

    If you like Ubuntu, may I suggest another blog that you might also want to review? It’s Dom Cimafranca’s Ubuntu Living.

  2. FruityOaty / Dec 18 2007 6:45 pm

    I want to join that contest, too. Janette Toral’s writing projects are awesome… That Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs actually broke me out of my blogging slump soooo many months ago (plus I won 7th and a $100, too, hehe).

    Now, I’m in a slump again… Maybe I should join that contest, hehe… Inspire me once again. Hmmmm…. Neah, I’m too lazy.

  3. FruityOaty / Dec 18 2007 6:58 pm

    Also, I love CamStudio. I use it a lot @ work… I test software and demo to clients a lot… Great for recording functionality, tutorials, even recording bugs… to demo.

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