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December 5, 2007 / yolynne



Originally uploaded by yolynne

These past few days, I had been busy configuring and testing things out for a fave Web2.0 application (its not that techie as it sounds) that I frequently use since it had been launched and that is Meebo.

When Meebo had been conceptualized and had been open to the public, it brought excitement to a lot of people including me. Imagine, you don’t anymore need to install the Chat Client exclusively created by Yahoo which is popularly known as YM (yeah same as my initials). You can be connected again… to friends and colleagues even if the internet connection you have is a bit slow.

Lately, they had been including and testing out some cool stuff and has integrated some fascitating features, one of them is tokbox which enables a person to have a video and voice chat with AOL, MSN and YAHOO chatmates. Cool huh! veryyyyy

I have tested out my 115kpbs connection thru GPRS with a friend who is in Israel, connected thru wifi and asked him to get a screenshot of our video chat. Well actually I am the only one who has the web cam =) This was taken around 4 o’clock dawn here in the Philippines GMT+8. So here it is.. break it down yo hehehhe


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