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November 28, 2007 / yolynne

Jobsite for Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao IT residents

Are you from Cagayan de Oro (more popularly referred as CDO) or in any part of Mindanao and grumbles ferquently because you haven’t found the right job in your own hometown? Fret no more coz WorkCDO is here =)

A product of hardwyrd’s desire to help out his fellow CDOer’s (tama ba na tawagin kong CDOer’s ang mga taong from CDO? ping me if me magagalit) in the IT industry by putting up a website/blog where they can look for promising jobs and not seek greener pasture in Manila or in Cebu or even go abroad if in case they are half hearted in leaving their beloved Mindanao.

So for those of you who knows some jobs in Mindanao especially in CDO pls. do contribute. It would help a lot of people.. at least me plus point na kayo sa heaven =)

Goodluck sa lahat ng mag-aaply!

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  1. hardwyrd / Dec 8 2007 1:54 pm

    Hi Yolynne!

    Thank you very much for featuring WorkCDO in this article.

    Originally, WorkCDO was intended to be for Cagayan de Oro job seekers. However, when you pointed out that our kababayans from other parts in Mindanao could use WorkCDO, I’ve decided to change its focus to cover the whole of Mindanao.

    Though currently featured jobs are in Cagayan de Oro (due to my being in CDO), job openings from other parts of Mindanao are very very very welcome.

    WorkCDO stands for “Work to Collaborate, Disseminate, and Organize Mindanao Skills”

    Thank you very much for the support!


  2. CDO Jobs / May 20 2008 2:26 pm

    Please also support CDO Jobs

  3. MECHILLE SALAS / Jun 17 2008 10:18 pm

    i want to apply in your company! where can i pass an application?

  4. chery / Nov 13 2008 2:44 pm

    Good Day Ma’am.

    I would like to ask if you had an information about nestle job openings?

    Hoping for your response.


  5. Ralf / Mar 12 2009 4:54 pm

    Hi Yoly,

    Great post which contains very valuable information.

    We do have currently a vacant job position and accessed the WorkCDO site but for some reason we were not able to upload a post, probably so because we do not maintain any account with that blogging host. We contacted then the blog administrator, so maybe he or she could do something.

    We turned then to CDOjobs, the one mentioned in one of the comments here and there it seemed to work although a note advised us that the final posting will be done after a review, so we are waiting for that.


  6. JSA / Nov 23 2009 12:59 pm

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    best jobs online. My blog is all about job searching guides, strategies, tips and techniques.
    I think we could be a mutual partners in providing quality job information.

    Would you consider a link exchange in a little space of your site?

  7. MikyyUty3 / May 11 2010 5:17 pm

    Sensational looking webpage, where did you obtain the theme?

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