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November 24, 2007 / yolynne

Thinking of ways to change the Filipina image

Waking up at 3:30am has its pros and cons.  I usually wake up this early if my mind is adjusting to a place or if I was a bit active the previous day and part of my brain is still functioning. The advantage, is that ideas are easy to create and be processed at this time while it also becomes the day that I get hungry easily, so there goes my figure (meron ba?)

So anyway going back to the topic. I am not a feminist but am a promoter of my country and its good image (no need to promote the bad side.. coz those are the only stuff some foreigners only know about us) other words..”Ako ay isang Makibaka girl” heheh.  One aspect is the Filipina profile.  So maybe it would be good to blog about the good side and the advantages of being a filipina.  I salute Janette Toral for her ingenuity on starting a blogging contest to promote the Filipina image, this is like what I have in mind too.. pero I don’t have the powers that Janette has, meaning this stuff is her calling.. it’s her vocation kung baga.

So anyway.. in what aspect can I also contribute? (minus joining the contest..kasi tapos na hehehe) ahh..maybe I need to do a research on Filipinas doing good in the IT field which is predominantly composed of the male species hehehe.  So.. maybe a title of “PINAY is IT” would be timely.. diba parang “Coke is IT” (oh promotion yan ha) ?!  Pinays doing well in the IT scene.. with the likes of Janette, Aileen, Cynthia, Sacha and Myra.. and so on and so forth..(meaning madami sila.. wow good news) I’ve got a lot of researching to do.

Okya.. asta aqui ya lang mga dois! (Okay, until then mates!)

Vavu for now! =)


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  1. Janette Toral / Nov 25 2007 11:33 am

    Hello Yolynne. Thank you for the kind mention. I very much appreciate it. Blogging something about the Filipina at least every month will go a long way to change the image of the Filipina online. Cheers!

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