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February 19, 2007 / yolynne

What did I get for Valentines?

These past few months was very much like a roller coster ride for me. Things have been happening so fast that I don’t know anymore what to feel. Good things have been coming my way, and I thank the Lord for every step that I take in Life, whether good or bad.

I will be again in Manila by March 7 to 12 for the IPD Sponsored Event and will be helping also in organizing the FOSS FIESTA at the Edsa Shangrila. The event will focus on instilling proper information to Philippine Government officials and employees. This is really a big leap for Kuya Bobby Soriano and the team.

I have told my big boss about it and said that he will try to come so that I can introduce him to the people I work with at the UNDP-IOSN ASEAN+3, and also know the stuff I have been busy with all these time. He’s really a cool boss, and quite funny too.

My husband and I will be together in Manila to take a long planned trip to Lipa, to visit the chuch of Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace. I have promised myself I will go there and do a sort of pilgrimage since I was in college after receiving 3 petals given by a relative.

What did I get last valentines day? naa.. nothing mushy mushy…I did gave my husband a Hersheys Choco bar and a love letter though, coz I think he would hate to see me bring some roses to his office. His officemate was laughing so hard at the thought that things were getting a bit reversed now. What Medz gave me though was the news that he gave in to my advocacy and has just finished migrating all his servers in the University he is employed at, into Ubuntu Servers. That was the sweetest thing he did for me…. after more than a year of bugging and advocating to him that we should do things together, it is a good feeling to taste success once in awhile.

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  1. beijing / Apr 20 2007 8:35 am

    Hi, how was your trip to Lipa? I’ve been promising myself too to visit Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace eversince I was given a second chance on life.

    Just dropping by and delighted someone also believes in the Miracle of the Rose.

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