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February 18, 2007 / yolynne

A Repost for Kagayanon Mailing List – Interesting thread

comment from hard wyrd:

I beg to disagree on the following:

“sooner or later it will take over (80% or 90%) of the world, just like the old windows did (statistics say so)”

“support for devices will follow sooner than expected”

“mr. torvalds himself or his emissaries have taken time disecting vista to figure out what makes it tick or if mr. gates has some nasty secrets hidden in it”

Take at look at the “real” trend and closely observe the actual movement that is happening.

One, Vista isn’t and will not take over the world. How so? The 64-bit code base is not ready. Look it up. Mac OS X is ripe compared to Vista on the 64-bit front. I got the heads up from an insider over at Cupertino, Calif. (a close family friend, who will by the way come to CDO this March to visit. He’s doing Mac OS X G5 XServers if anybody wants to know) regarding the next move Steve Jobs will make. Releasing OS X without the hardware will be in by middle 2008. Linux by the way has already gained 21% market share (2005 figure) while Windows dropped considerably and most notably in the datacenter, and figures for the corporate market will come in by middle of 2007. Vista adoption is NOT in the drawing board for many companies due to hardware and cost considerations. Go to Cebu and you’ll find companies realistically doesn’t move desktops much. They still use Win2K and XP.

Linus Torvalds have not used Windows. Why? He uses a Mac OS X G5 laptop, and of course Linux. He worked at Transmeta which is a competitor to Intel. And to correct you on that, the reverse is happening. Microsoft has organized a Linux Laboratory late 2006 deep inside its Redmond, Washington campus. Again, look it up. In other words, MS is taking a look at Linux at what makes the new Linux toys tick! And I’m talking about the Xgl, AIGLX, Beryl, plus the virtualization technologies of the Xen Hypervisor that is being shipped on both Red Hat and SuSE Linux Enterprise servers. It wants to have built in virtualization because it doesn’t have one built in. That’s envy!

Oh, closely examine what Vista has inside. Gadgets? it imitated Mac OS X widgets. The Vista Sidebar? imitated Mac OS X Dashboard. It even imitated the 3D Chess! :)). For security, it finally learned its lesson and imitated how Unix, Linux, and Macs behave in terms of user control. Oh, did I mention MS is afraid that Novell will go after it because it “stole” the directory services technology and implemented it on Active Directory? Novell had it first with NDS/eDirectory  :)).

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The case of Vista at home? As usual, its what I call the “pied piper effect”. Those who believed the marketing hype, as well as the occassional “threat” tend to bite the bait.

Driver support? A lot of XP hardware doesn’t yet run on Vista. Hardware and applications for 32-bit XP doesn’t even function well with 64-bit XP. We’ve done the test, doesn’t work on Vista 64-bit.

On the topic of using “pirated” ? I’m proud to say, I’m using the latest Alpha Release of ReactOS. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. Pure open source, coded from the ground up. It’s not yet very stable but already comparable to XP. And yes, full binary compatibility to the MS product including the drivers. And no, it is not a rip off. It is built on the same way Linux was built based on Unix from the ground up. Full release of ReactOS slated for 2008. User-friendly Beta Release mid-2007. A free windows compatible for all.

I’m running away laughing! 🙂 Not a cent wasted for Windows Tax.

I think thoughts like these from geeks are interesting to read, isn’t it =)



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  1. FlorgoHog / Aug 14 2009 5:25 pm

    This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  2. Steessstoorne / Nov 14 2009 12:09 pm

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    New here
    Just stopped in to say hello to all and keep up the good work!!

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