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January 5, 2007 / yolynne

Proud to be Pinoy!!!

I cannot help but be emotional in reading KC Concepcion’s blog.. I really am proud to be a Filipino but can’t get out the words in my system as to how I can express and promote this. I see some pinoys in friendster saying.. “Pinas sucks” or “Pilipinas is a loser”.. nakaka-iyak sa totoo lang. I guess, it takes someone as influencial and witty as KC to get young people together and work out on stuff that would promote pride in our nationality. As the saying goes…. Kabataan ang Pag-asa nang Ating Bayan…. at hindi nang Ibang Bayan. =)

lemon chamomile : : : – inspirasyon ko?

kooki wrote on Dec 15, ’06
genome28 said
honestly, it is difficult na maging proud bilang pinoi.hi genome28 🙂 thanks for taking the time out to voice out your opinion. alam mo may mga nakikilala akong pamilya dito o sa states na di man lang tinuturuan ang mga anak nila na mag tagalog. ang iba naman ang gusto ay makalimutan na ng mga anak nila na galing sila ng pilipinas. ano ba yun… ang pangit diba? kung di mo man maalala kung san ka nanggaling, di na rin siguro malayo ang maabot mo sa buhay… kaya may point ka naman and tama ka rin na kelangan isipin din natin yan as a nation, syempre kasi kung di mo alam ang FAILURES mo paano ka naman matututo talaga ng maayos at paano mo rin naman malalaman kung san ka maguumpisa at kung pano ipagpapatuloy ang pagpapaganda ng buhay mo diba?

may kelangan lang akong i-quote… ‘princessdes’ wrote on Nov 25…

“While I do understand some of the frustrations with the present conditions of our downtrodden country, we can’t let these challenges discount our identity.

One thing I know is that Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world (even for the Philippines ;). No matter how bad it seems to get and no matter how many mistakes our predecessors have done, we got to believe that the next generation will learn from these experience and use that for development. Ika nga, there will be a changing of the guards. And what a fine example diligent organizations such as Yabang Pinoy are setting to this generation forward. “PRIDE in who we are”, not exactly ground breaking one might opine but a commendable and pertinent movement nonetheless. Come to think of it, If we can’t love our own race, then who will? Paano na diba? + + + How can you improve on something that you do not feel passionate about? If we don’t care for it or respect it in the first place? That’s why embracing who we are and moving on from there are pre-requisites for betterment. Siguro, as cliché as this may sound, we should stop asking what our country can do for us but we can do for our country, tipong pure unconditional love (o diba pwede ng love song yan). Let’s stop looking for somebody else to save us, tayo tayo na lang, it might take some time but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day either (sila sila rin yun).

I see not only a glimmer of hope (meron na yatang may hawak ng flashlight eh) kasi if pride and respect for our country and our people would be the gauge of what is to become of the Philippines, judging from the mostly positive reception of yabang pinoy alone, I’d say the future looks bright ahead. Sulong, Let’s produce more vanguards !

Our modern hero, the late Senator Benigno Aquino, sums it best by saying that “the Filipinos are worth fighting for”. I believe this does not only hold true in the political arena but it should be a reminder for all of us that wherever life takes us, we got to look out for each other kasi nga we’re worth it. Seriously.”

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