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November 30, 2006 / yolynne

Proud to be Pinoy!

I found this site while browsing…
Just wanna feel great for being Pinoy
Be an advocate and share the word to others.

About the Campaign

What is the “Yabang

“Yabang Pinoy” is a campaign to raise
awareness and heighten Filipino people’s ethos, dignity and
pride by advocating the use of a piece of braided abaca band that
aims to make a statement. The abaca band aims to signify a Filipino
being truly proud to be one.

The band will use the natural fiber abaca. Abaca
belongs to the family of Musacea which is indigenous to the Philippines.
It is important to note that the Philippines is the largest source
of abaca fiber. Abaca is commonly known as the Manila hemp worldwide.
It is also considered as the strongest natural fiber. Abaca used
to be one of our top exports together with sugar and tobacco.

Since abaca is the strongest natural fiber and
unique to the Philippines, it aims to constantly remind Filipinos
that we are tough, resilient and exceptional.

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