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November 21, 2006 / yolynne

Quotes and Jokes Anyone?

Quotes.. Quotes anyone?

We all had a grand time during the FOSS@WORK conference. It was tiring and yet very fulfilling. The pics says it all. It made my mind work again kindda rejuvenated…and began to develop the same urge I had when we went to LINUXWorld Philippines 2005. Although in a different way and with a more mature approach in life, I was able to manage myself well this time. We will be posting some more pics. I have uploaded them at IOSN’s website. I am really not good at long stories but I know I have a knack with Captions and Quotes,I feel it if the words will make people smile or laugh. I will try to put nice ones beside every pic.

Okay I made some quotes again… some are religious and some are not

Quote # 1
“GOD is glad if we ask for some GRACE, but he likes it better if we request to be the GRACE”

**I am feeling religious again.. but hey.. this quote made me realize that I can help out in making this world a better place to live in even if I am not rich nor bright. I just need to be me =)

Quote # 2
“The best way to live life is by not internalizing too much on the OUTCOME, you gotta love the PROCESS”

 **This is the quote I formulated after living with my husband for nearly 2 years now. I used to keep on pondering what will happen and why things happened but eventually I learned from the ways on how my husband deals with life. He is not perfect, but living with my GEEK is full of magical surprises.

**Got to thank Joset for using this quote in his report… touch naman ako $=) **Feeling ko babaeng RICK WARREN na ako eh…. =)

Quote # 3

” The best things in life are FREE”

**I formulated this when I was starting out with FOSS thingy… later did I know that it was a song by janet jackson. It doesn’t only apply to softwares and IT stuff, but also to everyday FREE things in life that should be enjoyed and not taken for granted.


**After hearing out Neil’s aka schoolboys’ love story at the #ubuntu-ph’s … and after learning that he is into this GEEK girl.. I had imagined a GEEK couple professing their love to each other.

GEEKboy TO GEEKgirl : “You are the ASSEMBLER of my LIFE”
GEEKgirl TO GEEKboy : “You COMPILE me”

**nice noh?!

Use FOSS in a sentence.

1. Sino ang ZORRO nang Philippine Linux Users Group?

e di si FOSSakat (pusakat aka eric pareja)

2. Ano ang paboritong ulam nang mga FOSS advocate?

e di FOSSit (pusit in tagalog squid in english)

(uyyy, with matching translation pa… hey pusakat.. I’m getting into translation na..hehehe)


I need to study more and learn more, think more and know more, have more and share more.
**teka parang nabasa ko na to ahh.. ay hiram lang to kay KC CONCEPCION… I adore the lady
I wanna feel complete…naks
**cute ni Sam Milby eh

What have I done today? ( a reflectional question that I should always ask myself at the end of the day, I got this from OPRAH)
**eto seryoso na

To savor my daily Miracles
Got one today…lost my uncle’s passbook.. but found it again.
The Ubuntu-ph Egy Eft Release party was super fun. I wanna thank doc eloy , doc francis, sir ariel, khairil sir Balthas of Inwent and the rest of the foss@work staff and my co-participants for the support. To the rest of the cast… be it original and new of Ubuntu-ph, just wanna say Muchisimas Gracias for just being there. You’ve made our stay worthwhile.



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  1. irvin / Nov 23 2006 4:29 am

    Hmm… Pang-friendster yan ah!

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