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April 27, 2006 / yolynne

Nice is a nice word

Well, I am slowly getting back to my normal routine…

Got to see again Ariel Ureta’s My Favorite Show with Pepe Pimentel as his guest.

Any 60’s up to mid 70’s baby will not forget this guy. He was a former host in Kuwarta o Kahon and Cloud9, I think, a kid show way way back. Anyway, this guy is really wise. I was able to get some good points from him.

A relationship will survive as long as these 3 things are present

1. Unconditional Love
2. Respect
3. Tolerance


–> this one is new to me, coz according to him, you should not change somebody if you love him, you need to learn how to tolerate his personality to be able to live together.

–> actually this is badly needed today in our world, people are having conflicts because they are getting into each other’s nerves. And dami pa yatang BIGOTS eh.

–> If I am TOLERANT, does this mean that I am DEADMA?

He even pointed out that people nowadays lack the four letter word, and that is NICE

People now forget to be NICE, regardless of position, relationship or gender

–> true I suppose, konti na lang ang gentelman sa MRT who would give a lady a seat or a boss who would smile and greet the security guard or even a utility boy, or a parent who constantly says that he loves his son/daughter but frequently scolds them instead of talking to them.

Nakonsensya yata ako dito sa isang statement nya

Kung Madaming tao sa Gobyerno na Balasubas, mas Madaming Mamamayan na Balasubas

–> Me pinakita kasi sya sa mga studyante nung nag tour sila sa barangay nila (kasi Barangay Captain sya ngayon)

Me pumarang Jeep sa gitna para kumuha nang pasahero, nagtanong sya, “Gobyerno ba yan?”

Me mga taong nagtatapon nang basura sa hindi tamang lugar, nagtanong sya, “Gobyerno ba yan?”

–> Nakonsensya naman ako, am I doing also the same wrong stuff? Anong karapatan kong magreklamo sa gobyerno? Me karapatan ba akong magreklamo kung ako mismo bilang mamamayan hindi ko ginagawa ang aking gawain.


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