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February 4, 2006 / yolynne

Saturday is for Masters

I was feeling lazy to attend my masteral classes today, but anyway I went to my morning class (Linear Algebra under Prof. Sacro/WMSU) and gave the excuse letter that I prepared to explain why I had been absent for at least 3 meetings. She was already giving my classmates the second quiz and said okay about my letter and will be giving me a research work to coverup but that does not mean that I am already exempted to take the quiz. So .. that implies that I have to prepare myself coz I will be taking the quiz next meetin  $=(

I went back to our office (Zamboanga is a small city, my office location is just 10 to 12 mins. tricycle ride to WMSU where I am taking up MST in Math)

My second class is at 1:30 pm but as usual I am late. I went to WMSU around two just to learn that there are only 2 of us present. Professor Elmer Caraecle(just learned that we both graduated from ZAEC which is now UZ and had his masters at ADMU having  D. P. Manalastas as one of his professor)  was not too keen on discussing because we don’t have a quorum. So our discussion started from the WOWOWIE anniversary stampede (which led to 74 deaths, then went on as to how the mentality of Filipinos can be changed (why many are risking their lives just to get a chance in earning easy BIG money, i don’t blame them though , with EVAT everywhere) he said that the plight of the Filipinos today is really the effect of the country’s kind of  Educational System, I will blog on this on Monday.. this might be quite long….


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