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January 30, 2006 / yolynne

Welcome back Uncle Faisal

Uncle Faizal arrived last saturday from Manila, he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Good to see his face radiant after the 40 day visit to the Holy Land. I know that this is one of the ultimate dream of Islams. He arrived here and were greeted by a lot of relatives and friends. He gave me a watch that I use now. =) Medz/Ronald (my husband, got two names hehehe) were recalling the fond memories he had while he was still young and his frequent visits to Aunty Hadji Mina and Uncle Hadji Faizal’s house. Uncle, wears a black copia(don’t know if it is the correct spelling) with nice embroidery in it, and a “palawit”. I do hope, I can also go to the Israel before I die… I envy the determination Muslims have in fulfilling their desire to visit their holy place.


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