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January 30, 2006 / yolynne

It’s Potpot’s Birthday (our own Tolits)

Grabe.. marathon kaming mag asawa kahapon, pagkatapos mag babad sa bahay nang buong umaga, we went to get the cake I promised John Patrick(my husband’s nephew). I bought a spiderman cake kahit na ang theme nang birthday nya ay Superman… hehehe. Potpot is a very shy and introvert kid (a trait he got from my father-in-law and from my husband.. ika runs in the blood) kaya I readily helped her my sister-in-law/bilas in planning a birthday bash. Because it was the first big bday celebration for the kid, we had balloons , pabunot and giveaways. My husband’s family came from humble beginnings… so hindi sanay sa mga okasyon… yesterday… all the boys in the family are in one place and did not mingle with the visitors… ganoon sila.. they are shy.. kahit yung celebrant cannot even blow his candles and kept on biting me because he is not used to getting attention. I hope the kid will get over this =)


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