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January 27, 2006 / yolynne

Why am I always in the Middle of Things!

Palagi na lang ito ang tanong ko sa Diyos pati sa sarili ko….. With FOSS coming into my life, I know now the reason. Nung high school I had an experience of always being in the 2nd section (3 sections lang meron ang St. Bridget), so I ended up having friends both in the 1st and 3rd section. When I went here in Zamboanga (had a 1 sem stint in Mapua) I ended up enrolling in UZ(formerly ZAEC), coz Ateneo does not offer Engineering yet and I was not able to take an entrance exam in WMSU. In college, ended up having Christian and Muslim friends, all of them have been and will always be dear to me. Then, I was able to feel how it is to be in their worlds and emphatize with them. Though both Christian and Muslim groups can tolerate each other’s presence… the gap is still evident. Meron ka paring maririnig na side comments (kahit ako guilty dito). Then I got married to a man who belong to both worlds (got christian and muslim blood running through his veins). Eh di ba pag kinasal na kayo…you became one?! I really took that part seriously. My man is a “deadma” (silent worker.. hehehe), and I am the “kitikiti” (active worker). So what comes into his mind, I apply in action.

At least ngayon, I don’t ask my maker the same question, kasi alam ko na. He already answered me. I am doing FOSS with social relevance, I leave the technical part to others. Don’t wanna make an impression that I am promoting myself and not my work.


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