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January 27, 2006 / yolynne

Mga gawain!

Cosa yo ase aura?

  • I made a follow up call on DTI (9913237), was able to speak to Ma’am Grace A. The Regional Director will be coming back from an out of town trip by Monday. Scheduled to call back again on Tuesday. Note down the status of Endorsement letter, Speaking engagement and Cubicles to be borrowed.
  • Monday is Mama’s birthday, will try to call around12 noon
  • Contact Councilor Kim Elago, if cannot be reached, try to set an appointment with the secretary
  • Call Jenny of GEM’s, verify if Charlie is there then set an appointment with the project head
  • Ask OJTs to do the Penguin in Cartolina, color with pastel or water color.. if it does not come out okay, ask for Sir Vannie’s help
  • Contact Sir Jacob for the Online Registration form, if cannot be done within the day, ask Medz to do it instead (be sure to say it properly to Sir Jacob, dont wanna hurt his feelings)
  • If Online Registration is uploaded, contact Tawi-tawi people to register online.
  • Meet with Faida on Saturday regarding the Program Flow of the event. Ask her to research on the profiles of the IT heads, Contributors and Speakers. Give out the data gathered.
  • Ask for pictures from the Contributors, then ask Louie to start with the layout of the Event Kit Tech Guide
  • Do a Follow up on the Sponsors, need the confirmation page

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